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Honoring 20 Years in Luxury Safaris.
With a private design studio headquartered in the Financial District of San Francisco, Guided Safaris® is a luxury atelier offering bespoke African experiences designed for a private client list residing nationwide and across the globe.

Supporting key conservation initiatives throughout the Sub-Sahara, the Guided Safaris® portfolio features Africa’s finest private game reserves and important eco-tourism programs responsible for safeguarding our wildlife through low-impact and sustainable tourism.

As a luxury service provider with the most coveted networks in the private safari industry built over a 20-year experience in the field, the Guided Safaris® brand has garnered international recognition for its substantial and diversified base of jetsetting safari clientele that includes State Royalty, photographers, philanthropists, ultra high-net-worth families, hollywood and fashion industry A-listers, Silicon Valley executives, Fortune 500 corporations, individuals from the US Senate, specialized government bodies and private finance institutions.
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Spears 500 Recommended Sophia Hyet
Sophia Hyet
Guided Safaris®, CEO
SAN FRANCISCO — Sophia Hyet, CEO of Guided Safaris®, a luxury safari brand based in California, has been officially selected in the Spear’s 500 for Top Luxury firms in 2016.

Going beyond mainstream magazines aimed at a general consumer audience, Spear’s 500 highlights a niche market serviced by the most experienced and exclusive companies in the luxury service sectors.

Considered the ‘Forbes of Europe’, The Spear’s 500 is an expert analysis profiling the top professionals carrying outstanding talent and background. Each selection is exhaustively researched and nominated on special merit through client feedback and peer reviews. The prestigious Spear’s 500 list forms an exclusive directory aimed at affluent, influential individuals seeking to highlight the best professionals and sharpest authorities in the world of top finance, law and bespoke luxury fields. The Spear’s 500 Wealth Management Awards will be held at a private ceremony at The Savoy in London in October.

As both photographer and founding board member of Guided Safaris®, Ms. Hyet is continually exploring the world for a global perspective to craft unique and timeless experiences to enhance the firm’s Signature Safari Camp Collection in Africa. With this expertise and love for detail the firm have helped carry these experiences into a bespoke service tailored completely to guest preference.

Ours is an artistic value to match people to perfect experiences when they all have such different tastes,” noted Ms. Hyet in her personal interview with the Spear’s unit for the Good Life indices selection of Best Travel, Villas and Chalets Firms for 2016. When asked about the role of Guided Safaris® in their client personalization process, Ms. Hyet stated:
“We’re mirroring the experience of what would move someone; It’s an interpretive art. Our safaris are really for individuals who seek to commission a true wilderness escape with a taste of something exotic that goes beyond the marble-and-crystal glamor to spend time and money on - they’ve seen and done it all. Our guests want something that reaches into the heart of a journey's authenticity. It’s the unmatched, high-thrill, inimitable luxury of a completely tailored safari experience - it’s incredibly romantic and tasteful, and wonderfully spiritual to be able to connect with nature in such wild and absolutely beautiful settings. It’s such an exciting journey, what generally starts out as a once-in-a-lifetime experience ends up becoming so fulfilling and engaging it’s an annual thing that we help outfit for our guests.”
While subscription to Spear’s magazine is by private invite only, the 2016 directory of Spear’s 500 is available to the public for purchase at select retail points ($145 per issue) and will also be distributed on British Airways First Class and the private Concorde Lounge at Heathrow Airport.
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