Black Rhino and Pula at Mombo Camp ©

Guest Journal from Mombo and Abu


“It was truly an outstanding trip.


We had a fabulous time at Mombo. Great Guide Moss.  Saw all Big 5 in a.m. of the second day…had a great wild dog chase..Impala, wilddogs, hyenas, ourselves in Camp Vehicle racing across the plains..while the lions just watched at the whole thing! (The impala got away). Also got to see a cheetah, and both Pula and Blue Eyes leopards – 2 times.  Loved what they were doing for the Rhinos. Sited one of the Black ones..very rare.

was very different. We were very fortunate to be there when the tested Paul Allen’s first Drone, over our outdoor movie theatre, to see if it would pick up the fires..which is what they are hoping will zero in on Poachers.  We stayed in Unit two, Jody Allen’s unit..fabulous.


I am proud an American, Paul Allen, who owns the 465,000 acres, is trying to use technology to stem the killing of those fabulous creatures.  Two books to read:  The Elephant Whisperer..heard about it there, and Elephant Company..


Here is the picture of the Black Rhino sited at Mombo Camp on Sep. 28 and Pula, sighted on the 29th, and then with her Kill in the tree.


Just a few of the many great pictures, and many great experiences.


Thanks for all your help.  It was a trip of a lifetime!”


Jeanne Robinson,
San Francisco, CA


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