The Original Guided Safaris Collection:

Guest Safari Notes from Howard & Alanna on their special anniversary adventure with Guided Safaris from Singita Lebombo Concession through the Cape Winelands in South Africa…

4/7. As an update, this has been an incredible experience at the Ellerman House. Everything you spoke of was spot on.  The views, food and staff (not specific in order of excellence) was fantastic.  You should certainly pat yourself on the back for the suggestion of the Ellerman House as our first destination.  The "white glove" handling of all our requests  have been answered without question, from the alcohol of choice in the room to the "American breakfast" every morning can't wait to see what's next... We can't wait for what's next...


4/18. As a recap, the accommodations were outstanding, notwithstanding many of the upgrades you were able to obtain for us.  I spoke about Ellerman House in my earlier correspondence, the Staff was overwhelming polite, professional and helpful.  They would provide changes in meals and beverages without question and in an expeditious manner.  The evening manager waited until midnight, due to our flight delay to welcome us to Ellerman House.  MJ, another manager made it a point to spend a substantial amount of time with us discussing Cape Town and the Ellerman House.  Lebombo was a continuation of exceptional service.  I could restate the obvious that the facilities were exceptional and your coordination and discussions with staff prior to our arrival contributed greatly to our comfortable accommodations.  It’s amazing how when we arrived in our “birds nest” at Lebombo, that our specific choice of top shelf alcohol was that of what I had requested at Ellerman House. Apparently some one was watching over us.


The ferocious honey badger;  Mellivora capensis.

The ferocious honey badger; Mellivora capensis.

What could be said of which you already knew, great safari drives (all of the Big 5+ and rare appearances of honey badgers and porcupines), food and of course the staff from the porters, butler, tracker, guide and management.  Finally, La Residence, it was an incredibly serene location amongst the vineyards.  The upgrade to the Villa was everything plus what you had obtained for us.  We were met by the La Residence staff upon our arrival with waving hands and welcoming smiles.  Both Evan and Edward were incredibly helpful and appreciative of our selection of accommodations.  Many times during our stay, Edward would pull up a chair and have a beverage and engage in wonderful and intriguing discussions.  One evening, he informed us that the owners of La Residence would be dining at the hotel.  He made it a point to bring the owners to our table and introduce us to them, and their remarks were cordial and appreciative to our presence at La Residence.  The following morning at breakfast, they again approached us and thanked us.


If you are familar with the show “Downton Abbey,” Alanna and I felt that we had been selected to guest star in that show. I could probably write an inch thick brochure on why to select Guided Safaris as the door to open when traveling to Africa.  You provided an exceptional service to Alanna and myself, as well as to the resorts that you suggested.  Please share my laudatory email to your management on your outstanding work.  I could also write a formal letter of gratitude if more appropriate. This is certainly a thank you and not a good bye on our future travel relationship. Thanks Howard


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