For the Love of Luxury.

San Francisco Photography © Soniya Hayat for Guided Safaris®

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco Guided Safaris, Incorporated is a private safari atelier comprised of a high-end portfolio of eco-luxury safari experiences designed for the discerning, environmentally-conscious traveler. Helping connect unique individuals with bespoke, one-of-a-kind experiences, Guided Safaris® provides empirical expertise in travel support for unique eco-tourism models and a leading U.S. distribution network for some of the world’s most exclusive boutique properties that not only cultivate ecological cognizance, but that are primarly selected by the firm for their critical importance in supporting key conservation initiatives for the wilderness hotspots and indigenous communities that they sustain, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Guided Safaris® ethos in the care and conservation of the wilderness while working toward the fulfilment of a spiritually-significant guest experience.

Founded upon eco-luxury safari camps and wilderness adventures that support sociability and sustainability, Guided Safaris® has garnered global recognition in the stewardship of Africa’s most exclusive and extraordinary ecological hotspots. It is our hope that this front-row seat aboard our safaris will stimulate questions and a sense of wonderment. We are eager for every guest to return home from this journey both with the immense satisfaction of having just witnessed the grand scale of the African experience and found themselves a part of it at least once in their lifetime, as well as with the fulfillment of having contributed to its preservation for future generations through their visit.
Guest referrals being our primary source of operations, we are fortunate to welcome guests and fellow travelers from all corners of the globe.
We very much look forward to hosting you.

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The Guided Safaris® Family of San Francisco.
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