The Grumeti Community and Wildlife Conservation Fund in Tanzania  is Singita Grumeti Reserve’s outreach program funded in part by the hopitality revenue generated from the luxury safari lodges managed by Singita and financial donations from friends and fellow travelers. The programs support rural villages in Serengeti and Bunda districts surrounding the private reserve.
About the Conservation projects and community support at Singita Grumeti Reserve:
Vocational training and scholarship fund for the Field Guide Academy
Singita Grumeti reserves has financed and established one the best guiding schools in the country dedicated to wildlife tracking and other related field studies.

School and childrens’ educational programs
Singita Grumeti has been involved in both the contruction of new schools as well as renovation of existing facilities where available to strengthen educational initiatives. Learn more about the Grumeti school program.

Environmental Educational Center at Grumeti
A 5-day program for youth in the community schools to learn about their wildlife heritage and gain a sound level of understanding on the Serengeti ecosystem and its importance for future conservation.

Anti-Poaching initiatives and Black Rhino Conservation
Learn more about the Black Rhino introduction effort at Singita Grumeti

Sustainability and support for small agricultural businesses in the local community
Training and support for self-sustaining jobs in cash crops and development of markets for bee-keeping, fish farming, sunflower oil production, poultry and egg farming, vegetable gardens and provision of food resources all run by the community and supported by the lodges at Singita Grumeti reserves. The Ikorongo-Grumeti Co-operative Society was established under the Tanzania law and today, has over 100 farming groups from the villages as members.

Access to clean water
Establishment of 95 deep wells of which over 50 supply fresh water to the villages and maintenance of boreholes as a continual source of this core neccessity.

Right to play
The Grumeti Fund provides financial support to the ‘Right to Play’ international organisation that uses structured play to bring about healthy physical, emotional and social development of the youth of the Serengeti district. The project trains teachers as coaches to engage children in regular sport and play activities devised as part of this initiative.