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Why is it that most people feel such empathy for elephants, even if they have never had close contact with them? Is it because of their size, their quaint characteristics, or the fact that they are so incredibly endearing as babies, tripping over little wobbly trunks that seem to serve no useful purpose other than get in the way? Or is it, perhaps, because elephants are “human” animals in terms of emotion, and in many other ways as well, encompassed by an invisible and mystical aura that reaches deep into the human soul in a mysterious way that defies human logic.

– Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Kenya


Elephant © Photograph by Robert Carr-Hartley

Elephant © Photograph by Robert Carr-Hartley



Photograph by Robert Carr-Hartley





WATCH VIDEO: A SPECIAL MORNING WITH ELEPHANT HERD in front of Faru Faru Lodge – A Private Tanzania Safari


 #Elephants  are facing their biggest threat to survival since they began roaming the earth, 15 million years ago. It is estimated that 36,000 of these iconic animals are killed annually — that’s one life lost every 15 minutes. In many countries, ivory continues to be a symbol of status and power. And, sadly, China’s ivory industry is poised for growth. Call on governments from around the world to take proactive steps to tackle this illicit trade and save elephants. Sign the petition: