Topic: The Sarcastic Lens

“A New Book from an Old Client”

Cover: The Sarcastic Lens © Richard + Amy Lynn


It is a bright morning as the Bay Area mist clears to reveal the silvery-blue Pacific seaboard through the large conference room windows at the offices of Guided Safaris. I have just flown home from a trip in the south of France and sit here with my copy of The Sarcastic Lens and its glossy postal wrappings on the table.


Page after page transports me to a rare, high-treat privilege to see over-the-shoulder, actual places revealed from our Guest’s perspective of journeys that were tailored right here in this very room. Descriptions of camps and regions conveyed to the mind’s eye before they actualized in person on travel, captured and printed in this fantastically weighty document full of life-on-safari experiences. Occasions for laughter and pathos, all the best-loved impressions from a couple’s ample companionship in life and adventure through 40 countries.


When Richard and Amy Lynn returned last summer from their latest African adventure we received a special email of thanks in our inbox. It began with a simple “We are back” and “Job well done” going on to recount their “Single greatest wildlife experience of all time”. They had a front-row Land Rover seat when the sad events recounting the last moments of Lady Ravenscourt were shed at Singita Game Reserves in South Africa. This resident alpha female leopard, one of Africa’s great legends and a constant subject for enthralled rangers and travelers in their magnificent records and photographs brought home, met her fateful maternal stand off against a dominant male on that wintery encounter. The email followed through with photos and a tale of sympathy torn from a very personal account. A morning that started with the mother and cub frolicking in the sunlight to the sudden entry of a third leopard on the scene. In their words, “Wow and horrific at the same time”.


Ravenscourt Leopard © The Sarcastic Lens


We pasted this leaf from their journal into our blog and received an outpour of empathy from travelers who had spent time with this beloved leopard and her photogenic posing to the delight of safari guests the world over. Their tale was witnessed as though in person by each traveler dropping in with Guided Safaris that afternoon.

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