Guided Safaris Inc - San Francisco

“Not only does the revenue from eco-tourism support these conservation initiatives, but just by coming to see this place, putting value on it and sharing the beauty with others, it inherently makes a world of difference.”


Every journey to Africa with Guided Safaris is deeply-rooted with conservation at heart.

The safaris we offer create phenomenal wilderness experiences that support a great diversity of environmental hotspots in the African continent. The trips offered in our portfolio are beautiful, planet-friendly experiences, designed for the exclusive enjoyment of only a handful of guests. By embarking on one of our journeys, YOU participate in and support the continued success and economic viability in the preservation of these fragile wilderness regions for generations to come.


When we speak of luxury on safari, we emphasize on bold exclusivity: We offer Private Safaris and do not operate in groups of ANY size – both to allow travelers to develop their own intrepid sense of place, as well as to maintain an environmentally-sensitive approach to our low-impact in these fragile and beautiful regions. Over-crowding from mass tourism is hereby kept at bay from our exclusive locations to ascertain wildlife’s migratory and hunt for food processes carry on unobtrused in these pristine regions.


Our luxury safari camps are small and intimate, often with an average of just 7-12 rooms each, in large, expansive wilderness areas, allowing conscious and continued sustainable operating of a small part of the carbon cycle. Due to the exclusivity of offering such a dedicated experience, a stay in our camps does need advance planning to ensure availibility of space. We recommend planning 6 to 12 months in advance, especially for peak seasons that run from July through October.


Game drives in our camps operate with 6-7 guests maximum ensuring prime-viewing and ‘window’ seating for everyone in custom-designed photography safari land cruisers.


100% of our portfolio is located within authentic Private Game Reserves and privately-leased or community-operated concessions to maintain an organic and crowd-free ‘True Africa’ experience.


Our focus within the luxury ecotourism industry is upon Photography Safaris. We believe hunting activity adversely affects game viewing in the regions where it is practised thereby resulting in much harder to find game and often leads to skittish behavior in local wildlife that prohibits the natural spectacle of peaceful observation of an animal in its habitat. Guided Safaris DOES NOT operate any Hunting Safari programs, nor work with or support any outfitters who do.