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Guided Safaris Inc. carries a 20-year legacy in bespoke journeys to Africa. Our safaris are individually crafted at our studio in San Francisco and at the heart of every journey is our deeply held value for wildlife conservation. As one of the world’s most reputed brands for travel excellence with a tailor-made touch, Guided Safaris® takes great care in hosting you and helping you plan an unforgettable wilderness experience at our award-winning locations.
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Family Safaris
Remote, rustic Africa. The diverse game viewing and stunning landscapes make for a unique destination with the choice of safari activities on offer to keep all ages engaged on this journey of a lifetime. Canoeing with Elephants in the Okavango Delta or high thrill desert adventures with meerkats, our luxury safari experience for families is comfortable and luxurious yet never takes the focus off the natural surrounds of the wilderness; though you may need to break the occassional reverie to shoo out a cheeky vervet monkey from lavishing in your pool...
Guided Safaris®
African climate is generally pleasant throughout the year in the sub-saharan region – with warm to hot days, and cool to warm nights. January to March are the peak rainy summer months in most of the tropics, however, hidden gems in this seasonality can offer you with secret settings to explore for rarer sights in the intermediate season. April and May are spring time with less rain and the wildlife begins to congregate along perennial water sources. African winter months occur from May to September offering great visibility of game on the dry plains. For specialized journeys such as the Great Migration in East Africa the patterns are largely determined by rainfall and resultant game patterns developing from one season to the next.

Depending on your choice of travel dates and interests, our chief designers can help you determine the perfect locations and time period for your dream itinerary. Having undertaken countless journeys to Africa and carrying firsthand experience with every region, our lead experts at Guided Safaris® are some of the most respected and knowledgeable field specialists in the safari world. We endeavor to help you take the guesswork out of seasonality and present you with up-to-date options for the finest journeys.
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Founded in 1995, Guided Safaris® is one of the world’s premier luxury safari brands with an award-winning portfolio of private regions & prestigious camps. We lead safaris into Africa’s most exclusive private game regions through an environmentally-responsible experience. We invite you to customize your private safari to Africa with us. Talk to our Chief designers at Guided Safaris® to craft out special memories for your very own tailor-made journey to Africa.

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