How can I lose faith in the justice of life, when the
dreams of those who sleep upon feathers are not
more beautiful than the dreams of those
who sleep upon the earth?
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Singita Mara River Camp

About Singita Mara River

At a Glance
Singita’s new camp launches with just 6 luxurious tented suites at the site of the Great Migration crossing: the renowned Lamai Triangle with extraordinary year-round game viewing in an area richer in wildlife than the entire Masai Mara or Serengeti.
Singita Mara River Tented Camp is the MOST EXCLUSIVE luxury safari camp to launch in the Lamai Triangle, overlooking the game-rich Mara River.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Only 6 luxury tents - 16 guests
(with 2 connecting family suites)

All suites are white canvas with impressive views from the window screens and feature indoor luxury baths, an outdoor star shower, and a private viewing deck with slip-covered chairs.

Contemporary African design adds a funky, bohemian-glamor to living areas; white sail canvas, eco-friendly pale wood, local beadwork, traditional blue-red maasai plaid fabric & all leather furniture.

Main lounge area overlooking Mara River full of hippo & crocodile.

Outdoor dining area with special location by the river.

Eco-luxury concept works with solar-powered camp and minimalist approach with all tents raised to allow cool breezes and excellent views.

Plunge pool at main camp with spectacular views of the river.

The most game-rich of all: About the Lamai Triangle

Tucked safely away from the mainstream safari route, little has been documented about the Lamai Triangle where the Serengeti plains dip into the Mara River and Kenyan plains beyond. Until a few years ago, there were hardly any permanent camps, let alone a luxury offering in this vastly remote locale in the far northern reaches of the Great Serengeti. Game flourished here and its teeming rivers were only witnessed with much dismay from the disadvantaged and overpopulated Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. All this changed when the Tanzanian government elected to open the Lamai area to eco-luxury tourism with carefully chosen parcels consigned to a mere handful of responsible safari companies in Africa.

In keeping with the government decree to construct environmentally-sensitive camps that would lend a hand to conservation in the area, Singita were granted concession of a prime location overlooking the Mara River given their outstanding ecological experience and model success in the flagship luxury Singita Grumeti Reserve to the south.

Seasons & Pricing

Valid for holiday season:
For 2015: Dec 15-31
per person
2015 Safari Pricing
Valid for Peak season: Jan,
June thru Oct & Dec 20-31

Per Person
Off-season special:
Valid for 2015: Feb till March
May16-31 & Nov 1-Dec 19.

$1,250 per night
On Safari
Luxury tents at Singita Mara River Tented Camp
Roundtrip air from Grumeti to Kogatende airstrip
All meals, drinks and afternoon tea service
Full American breakfast made-to-order
Lunch and dinner served with fine wine
Professionally guided game drives in game-rich terrain of the Lamai Triangle
Complimentary laundry service
Safari activities included:
Twice-daily guided game drives in 4x4 vehicles
Professionally guided bush walks and tracking
Stargazing evenings with wine or hot chocolate!

Reserve entry fees of $50 per person per day. Children 10-yrs or older only; ages upto 18yrs when sharing pay 50% of published price.
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  • Glamorous East African style tents designed as luxurious canvas suites capturing the authentic bohemian beauty of safaris in chic and breezy linens - enjoy the most exclusive accommodation in the area.
  • Remote and isolated location with endless views of the Mara river.
  • Menus crafted by Singita’s most talented chefs, paired with fine vintages from the famed SA wine cellars.
  • Knowledgeable resident guides to lead your game drives.
What you'll see...
  • Consistent year-round concentration of wildlife in Lamai Triangle located north of Singita Grumeti reserves - easy flights from Singita Sasakwa Lodge allow for extended stays through the private Singita safari circuit.
  • Ample photography opportunities for Wildebeest crossings on the river.
  • Hippo and crocodile bask in the river before the camp.
  • Lots of privacy - unlike the crowded Masai Mara, this side of the ecosystem is off-the-beaten path ensuring undisturbed viewing and simply the most extraordinary Migration experience.
Singita Mara River Tented Camp layout
Map of Lamai Triangle:
Singita’s New Location
Click on map to enlarge location
of Singita Mara River Tented
Camp >
Singita Lamai Triangle
Getting to Singita Lamai
Depending on your international arrival and departure plans we can arrange for connecting domestic flights from major airports in Tanzania to be packaged into your entire safari at Singita. **On account of rain, camp will close annually from March 15 through May 15 for the low season.

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Africa’s most dramatic Big Cat Safari.

Hot on the trail of the migration are the Serengeti’s most formidable predators: large prides of Black-maned Lion, Cheetah who flourish in this perfect sprinting habitat, packs of powerful hyena and the solitary leopards of the shadowy acacia groves. Their interactive hunting patterns and witnessing young cubs learning to stalk for the first time make the gathered herds and the predators who seek them one of the Greatest Wildlife Experiences on Earth, quite unlike any place else in Africa.
Singita Grumeti Cheetah Hunt

The Great Migration & River Crossing

By the late East African winter, herds a million-strong amass along the swollen Mara River: the final barrier to cross over to the rain-sweetened plains of Masai Mara. Seeking safe shallows to journey across the river the bulk of the herd scouts waters boiling with slashing crocodile and hippo. This is the climatic site of the Lamai Triangle - bordered amid two nations, the crossroads for the great migration to leap from the vast Serengeti savannah on to the lush plains of Masai Mara in Kenya.
Singita Wildebeast Migration

What’s special about the Lamai Triangle?

The only area in the Serengeti to remain truly game-rich year-round, The Lamai Triangle rests on the Kenya-Tanzania border and is home to ever-present widlife. Plains game such as zebra, lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant are spotted all year in the rocky kopjes and riverine forest. The arrival of the great migration changes the dynamics of this area - both on the plains and in the croc-infested rivers - presenting even more of a spectacle with the dry season.
Singita Grumeti Cheetah Hunt
98,000 acres with the highest concentration of game in the Great Serengeti.
Snapshots from Singita Lamai Triangle
Photographed on location by
Field Guide Marlon du Toit
Singita Migration Safari
Experience our Great Migration Safari
TOTAL 6 NIGHTS, inclusive of the below -
  • Luxury safari tent accommodation
  • All meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Flight between Singita Lamai & Singita Grumeti
  • Guided safari activities and game drives
  • Complimentary laundry service and Wifi

Pricing from

6 night safari package
Jun - Oct 31 2015
$10,750 per person
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