Video: The Environmental Education Center at Singita Grumeti Reserve, Tanzania.
Singita’s commitment to conservation, development and community outreach come together in perfect harmony in the establishment of the Environmental Educational Centre to engage and educate the community’s next generation of leaders on the importance of a balanced, sustainable ecosystem. The Environmental Education Centre conducts approximately 25 week-long courses per year. These are attended by 300 youth from the 26 secondary schools in the Bundu and Serengeti districts, which border Singita Grumeti. The content of the course is aligned to the school curriculum and, as such, enables the youth to be better prepared for their formal education. Knowledge shared includes soil and vegetation usage and management; water conservation; as well as the protection of local wildlife including birds, animals and insects. The Centre also includes teachers in its 5-day on-site programmes to help better teach their students about these crucial topics. In order to ensure the long term sustainability of the ecosystem and the rich biodiversity within it, it is essential that the local communities be empowered, informed and engaged with conservation. The Environmental Education Centre ensures that local youth are being brought into the conversation at an early age and helps to create well informed and responsible decision makers for future generations.