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At a Glance
From the globally-renowned Mombo Camp and Abu Camp portfolio comes a new safari experience: Odzala is the brand-new Wilderness Collection Gorilla safari experience, launched Spring 2013, in the pristine tropical forest of the Congo boasting the highest density of Gorilla in Africa.

The most exclusive Gorilla safari.

Quick facts
Odzala Gorilla Safari packages include:
  • All Internal flights (Brazzaville to Lango Camp airstrip roundtrip)
  • All Ground transfers as applicable
  • Luxury eco-safari accommodation per itinerary:
  • • 6 night package: 3 nights Lango Camp + 3 nights Ngaga Camp
  • • 3 night package: 1 night Lango Camp + 2 nights Ngaga Camp
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
  • All mineral bottled water and soft drinks (excludes premium alcohol)
  • Complimentary laundry service at the camps

  • Your stay includes all Professional Guided Safari activities, per itinerary:
  • • At LANGO Camp: Guided walking, game drives, boat cruises, canoeing, park & forest trekking.
  • • At NGAGA Camp: Daily tracking of habituated gorilla families on professionally guided forest walks.
  • In-depth look at the two Odzala Camps:
    Lango Camp, Odzala
    Ngaga Camp, Odzala
    What you’ll love...
    Set in a remote rainforest ecosystem Odzala offers two highly-exclusive eco-luxury safari accommodations: Ngaga Camp in the heart of the forest and Lango Camp on the edge of the savannah. Pioneering safaris into this area will encounter one of the most unique Gorilla trekking safaris on the planet, in one of Africa's oldest national parks covering an expansive wilderness of 3,360,633 acres home to the richest populations of primate species.
    Embark on a private guided safari in the primeval forests of the Odzala and encounter a plethora of species:
  • From the star attraction of 7 habituated western lowland Gorilla families (about 105 gorillas!), visitors will encounter eleven species of diurnal primates including Chimpanzee, De Brazza's monkey, Putty-nosed monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, crowned monkey, colobus monkey, moustached monkey. Other forest species present include plentiful birdlife and herds of Elephant and Buffalo.

  • On a private Gorilla safari at Odzala guests explore the marantaceae forest on hikes and boating trips. Special observation hides allow travelers insightful interaction with habituated Gorilla families in the Odzala forest.

  • Birding Paradise:
    Odzala is home to 430 species of birds. Special varieties include: Black-and-White Casqued Hornbill, Gabon Woodpecker, African Grey Parrot, White-crested Tiger-heron, Black Guineafowl, Vermiculated Fishing-Owl, Congo Serpent-eagle, Forest Swallow, Lyre-tailed Honeyguide, Grey-headed Broadbill, Chestnut Wattle-eye, Greenbuls, Alethes and Akalats.

  • What you’ll see...

    Western Lowland Gorilla are observed in two unique settings at Odzala:

    1. Professionally-guided FOREST tracking of habituated gorilla groups led by expert local Mbeti trackers; Our Resident Camp Guides Okoko Zepherin and Okele Gabin.

    2. At Special OBSERVATION HIDES on the edge of forest bais for gorilla groups foraging on sedges (water grass).
    Resident Gorilla researchers Dr. Magda Bermejo and German Illera
    Resident Gorilla researchers Dr. Magda Bermejo and German Illera have conducted studies on a number of habituated gorilla groups that can now be located and observed in the area around Ngaga Camp. In an area of 11 sq. miles 7 families totalling 105 gorilla can be tracked. Two of family groups are generally available to guest access while a third family group is primarily observed for dedicated research and educational purposes. The other gorilla groups are also seen on a regular basis. Ngaga Camp's forest edge location overlaps the home range of 6 unique gorilla groups therefore, tracking expeditions do not expand over enormous distances. Trekking at Ngaga ranges in length from just 0.5 to 5 miles over undulating country with, including the time spent with a gorilla group, excursions typically lasting between 2 and 5 hours of tracking and viewing.

    In keeping with the WILDERNESS Conservation Model, the Gorilla viewing protocol at Odzala Wilderness Camps is based on International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines issued and designed specifically to limit behavioral impact and potential disease transmission from humans to gorillas.
    • Minimum age is 15-years for Gorilla viewing. For safety reasons children under 15 are not allowed.
    • Maximum proximity to gorillas is 22-feet, with typical interactions occuring at 32-50 feet.
    • Maximum viewing duration of any individual group is 1-hour per day.
    * Each group is only visited once per day, but if guests would like to spend more than an hour with gorillas on a particular day and time allows it is possible to track a different group following the first encounter.
    • Maximum number of guests allowed per gorilla tracking excursion is 6 persons (our 2 eco-camps only accommodate 12 guests each; Expeditions are split into two guided groups covering different families).
    • Guests that display cold, flu or other respiratory tract symptoms, will not be allowed to track gorillas.
    • No food is permitted on gorilla tracking excursions, nor is smoking allowed. Hand washing facilities are provided at Ngaga Camp prior to gorilla tracking.
    • While gorilla sightings and encounters are very reliable in this area, as with all wilderness excursions viewing is always dependent on natural variables such as weather and forest tracking conditions.

    Extra cost for all Odzala Safaris: International air travel to/from Brazzaville • Guide Tipping • Comprehensive insurance coverage • Visas
    Pricing Notes:
    - All rates are based on seasons indicated & subject to increase without prior notice due to government levy or change in rate of exchange.
    - All bookings are subject to our service & Odzala booking terms.
    - All flights and added safari camps can be booked with us at extra cost.
    Where you’ll stay...
    Getting to ODZALA
    Odzala Safari Map
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    Archived news

    Diary entry: February 28 2013

    As construction continues at Odzala the park's wild habitants have offered their curiosity and acceptance of our presence in their territory with frequent sightings: Leopard, Hyena, Sitatunga, Jackals, herds of Forest elephant and buffalo, Colobus and De Brazza's monkey and a singular Silverback western lowland Gorilla have all been spotted just off the road ways, with a thousand-strong colony of African Grey Parrots ever present in the area. Two herds of forest buffalo and a now-resident camp supervisor Forest Elephant have all been overseeing the construction take place and inspecting the camp grounds.

    As the plans at Odzala unfold, happy incidences have offered a few surprises along the way:

    Ngaga Camp's site has now been moved about 2-km (1.2 miles) into the forest in a new visually stunning setting with beautiful views over the hills. More space, with ample water in the overlooking river at site, brings Ngaga Camp closer to the core area of Gorilla activity making the safari excursions even more fruitful.

    Having begun the process, the experience at Odzala Camp base has been an interesting one for project manager, Bas van Soest; digging in mud and sweat one moment and driving to Brazzaville in suit-and-tie the next for formal presentations hosted by European Union Ambassador and African Parks for Friends of Odzala (Amis d'Odzala). Back at camp, under the leadership of Wilderness guide Karl Diakite, the team of 50 villagers from the community were employed in construction and had already cleared a rough road to the Ngaga Camp site with layout plans underway.

    Lango Camp is sited about 2-hours drive from Ngaga Camp and the construction and carpentry team is making rewarding progress there led by Bas van Soest and his team headed up by Math and Nick. Lango Camp is taking superb shape with the main deck area (to be used as lounge and al fresco dining) overlooking the forest bai (raised 4 meters off ground) almost complete. Images of tranquil breakfast and lunches laid out on the deck come to mind as one takes in the sweeping view of the forest shade with buffalo herds and antelope in the backdrop.

    Equipment and uniforms - blue overalls, work boots and such - arrived at Odzala almost in the spirit of a "Christmas" present for the crew who posed for group photos, with the team now dubbed "Barcelona". These "work clothes" have become somewhat of an emblem in the community, often worn proudly even when on leave to the villages adjacent to Odzala.

    All rewarding shapes, both in morale and actual creation taking form, are happening at base camp as we move toward the opening deadline for May 31 - to which we all greatly look forward!

    Ngaga Camp at Odzala Oct 2011
    From the Wilderness Safaris Guides’ Dairies: "A recent trip to do an Environmental Impact Assessment on the two small camps we are developing in Odzala had some fantastic buffalo, gorilla and other sightings. The highlight though was three magnificent forest elephant bulls seen together along the Lekoli River."

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