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Private Africa
A luxury safari
 through Africa’s most iconic wildlife areas. Stand in perfect seclusion along the oldest Wilderness Migration paths on earth, marvel at the grandeur of the world’s largest curtain of waterfalls, track lion prides in the most off-the-beaten frontiers of Botswana and soar over the towering Virungas mountain range and wild rainforests, counting stars under some of the darkest skies on earth. This scenic journey across Africa is a Specialized Guided Safaris experience with exceptional wildlife and scenery.
This is a journey for the truly intrepid safari connoisseur seeking the most remote and unique experiences across Africa. With exceptional game viewing opportunities, we offer luxurious and bespoke accommodation and scenic flying safaris to enhance your safari experience. For photographers our Pro Guides are on hand to help position you in optimal sites and track rare wildlife species.
Encounter rare species like African wild dog that usually den close to our camps in these private concessions
World-class, remote Africa.
The diverse game viewing, stunning landscapes and exciting activities will keep you enthralled on this incredible journey through four distinct regions and three African countries. Talk to our Chief designers at Guided Safaris® to craft out special memories for your very own tailor-made journey to Africa.
Encountering the largest herds of Elephants in the Okavango Delta, spending afternoons alongside Leopards stalking prey in the Mara grasslands and high-adrenaline mountain adventures to track Gorillas, our luxury safari experience never takes the focus off the natural surrounds of the wilderness; though you may need to break the occasional reverie to shoo out a cheeky vervet monkey from lavishing in your private plunge pool.

GORILLAS in the mist

Enter a primeval rainforest in the Albertine Rift, with its high-up hiking trails offering cool mists and a slight haze in the air. This region is home to Mountain Gorillas, amongst a host of other rainforest species such as the rare Golden Monkey, Black-fronted duiker, Buffalo, Elephant and Bushbuck.

the great apes
A World Heritage site,
the Albertine Rift is one Africa’s most biodiverse regions with the last remaining populations of Mountain Gorilla. This ancient rainforest is one of the most staggeringly beautiful sights to behold. Our Signature lodge in Rwanda is the most award-winning luxury safari experience offering the perfect base to go Gorilla trekking.
The most extraordinary Gorilla safari experience in Africa, only a handful of travelers are permitted to trek into the Volcanoes region to seek out habituated groups of Gorilla families. We spend an idyllic hour with these majestic creatures, silently observing their habits, watching the impressive Silverback Gorillas teach and play with their young. Aside from over a thousand plant species, 700 bird species and myriad reptiles and amphibians, Rwanda is home to some 15 species of primates.
5 star
Luxury safari lodge


Soar over the Great Rift Valley's storied landscapes and touch down at our Private airstrip in the Masai Mara - the world's most game-filled region with phenomenal Big Cat encounters. We host your stay in the luxurious setting of our private camps in the Mara-Serengeti wilderness.

Widespread and plentiful
game viewing is what the Mara is all about. Unlike the highly seasonal locations in the Serengeti and Grumeti reserves, our locations in the Mara are abundant with year-round game and incredible Big Cat sightings. Diverse species of antelope congregate around the remaining permanent waterholes in our private game areas as we trace the path of resident Lion prides out on their early morning hunt.
In the season of the Great Migration,  constant river crossings provide exceptional predator action from the crocodiles and lions shadowing the herds. In the dry season, clear morning skies with stunning sunrises offer a beautiful start to the first game drive of the day. Soar by hot air balloon over the iconic setting of the Mara and return to camp to enjoy a champagne breakfast at one of Africa’s most beautiful luxury camps, a haven of peace and tranquility in a private concession.
5 star
Luxury safari camp
While lions are the undisputed kings among Africa's predators, for many years we've followed the Cheetahs in our special Mara location where the presence of fewer people gives them the freedom of space to hunt during the daytime
 are the most specialized of  Africa’s Big Cats. The fastest animal on earth, they run at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The cubs follow Cheetah moms from the age of six weeks. In the Serengeti plains, up to 95% of cubs fail to reach maturity due the threat of lions, hyena and, the result of too many of crowds. Here in the Mara, with special conservancies we're seeing more productive sightings of these unique cats.
The cheetah cubs leave their mothers at about a year or two, and the brothers form a band for extremely organized hunting. These cats require vast savannah grasslands and daylight to hunt, a perfect habitat offered by the Mara ecosystem well-suited to Cheetah, which is what makes them harder to source in the thicker woodlands and constricted spaces of South Africa and Botswana.


Your Private Guided Safaris® adventure continues across scenic Botswana. Enjoy aerial views over the Okavango Delta as herds of Elephants trail across the wetlands below.

game reserve  in the north offers some of the most highly-sought after wildlife viewing in Botswana. This prime location features exceptional numbers of African  wild dog, great herds of Elephant and Buffalo, and iconic interactions with Lions and Leopard. With only 4 luxury suites overlooking the Selinda spillway, our guests enjoy game drives with Professional Guides and romantic sunset cruises with cocktails on the lagoon.
With 300,000-acres of private wilderness to ourselves, game drives across floodplains, savannah and woodland, makes for diverse wildlife viewing. With regulars such as Elephant, plains game and Lion, to unusual antelope like Roan and Sable encountered. Overlooking the stunning landscape of the hippo-filled lagoon, our Signature camp is a luxurious and authentic connection with water, land and wildlife. The Zibadianja is the source of life-giving water for herds of plains game, and a legendary predator’s enclave.
5 star
Luxury safari camp


Far from the crowds in the mainland Okavango Delta, our private luxury camp sits in the heart of an 80,000-acre exclusive game reserve renowned for its remote location and Lion - Buffalo predator and prey interactions where Botswana's most legendary documentaries have been filmed.

wildlife experiences with sightings of Lion and Buffalo. This private concession is habitat to specialized antelope like Red lechwe, Greater kudu and Tsessebe. Elephant and hippo trudge through the swamplands and the
area is also a birdwatcher’s paradise. The Okavango Delta is scattered with an incredible variety of species like the rare Wattled crane, Pel’s Fishing owl, White-backed night heron and Marsh owl.
The palm-dotted islands, flood plains and woodland of this 190,000-acre private concession in the most remote part of the Okavango is classic to the region’s unique landscape. The sheer volumes of game seen here are thanks to the raised dry-land area better suited for wildlife.
5 star
Luxury safari camp
Though Leopards are mostly nocturnal, they are highly opportunistic cats that do stalk prey in the daytime, particularly when they have cubs to feed.

The Magic Lantern is an image projector using pictures on sheets of glass.

Learn what makes the Guided Safaris® Private Africa journey a world apart from any other offering
are true tried-and-tested experiences approved by Guided Safaris® experts over three decades of industry-leading specialization in African safaris for the most discerning guest list. Offering comprehensive knowledge on animal behavior and local habitat, seasoned safari travelers will agree that the expertise of our Chief Designers and Professional Guides is undisputed in helping us ensure that our guests obtain the best sightings and an unmatched safari experience on ground.
With only a handful of suites, we host your stay in the luxurious setting of our most Private Camps in the wilderness.
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Private Africa Safari
What sets the Guided Safaris® experience apart from any other
Always tailormade.
Your Guided Safaris® package includes pretty much everything from start to finish once you arrive in Africa - including all local flights, transfers, meals, drinks and guided activities. We also have private options for families seeking exclusive accommodations and jet charters. Get in touch to customize your safari.
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Private Africa safari
14, 15 or 18 nights
Fully Private luxury safari
per person for 17 nights
per person for 14 nights
per person for 15 nights**
per person for 14 nights
What's included
Your safari package includes

Personalized Guided Safaris® Meet + Assist
Luxury safari accommodation for 14 nights
*Special: 3 nights free in Winter season
**Special: 1 night free in Prime season
2 night transit accommodation as applicable
Gorilla permits for 2-day treks (non-refundable)
Privately Guided Game Drives on safari
Local safari air as applicable to package
Roundtrip local transfers to camps
All meals included at camps, per safari custom
Select wines from the camp cellars included
Full breakfast made-to-order daily
Complimentary in-room minibar and cocktails
Traditional afternoon tea at camps
Complimentary laundry service at camps
Complimentary in-suite WiFi at camps
Parks and conservancy fees included
All current local government taxes

Pricing excludes: Single supplement extra. Flights to Africa and all visa at guest expense.

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