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Lions are not animals alone: they are symbols and totems and legends; they have impressed themselves so deeply on the human mind, if not its blood, it is as though the psyche were emblazoned with their crest.

- A Glimpse of Eden -
 upon eco-luxury safari camps and sustainable wilderness adventures, our portfolio extends over 10 million acres of protected wilderness areas in Africa. In supporting these pristine African regions with your visit, you as a guest of Guided Safaris® and our partnered private reserves are able to play a valued part in safeguarding wildlife for generations to come.
It is our hope that this front-row seat aboard our safaris will stimulate questions and a sense of wonder. We are eager for every guest to return home from this journey both with the immense satisfaction of having just witnessed the grand scale of the African experience and found themselves a part of it at least once in their lifetime, as well as the fulfillment of having contributed to its future.


Since the early 90s, Guided Safaris® have supported Big Cat conservation that links to an immense variety of wildlife management and research projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, addressing the ecology of existing Lion, Leopard and Cheetah populations and sourcing solutions with our partners to help save these endangered species. Learn more »



To protect one of the most unique and majestic species remianing on earth, the Black Rhino conservation program is dependant on the international community concerned about widlife welfare. Portions of the funding from the luxury safari lodges and camps you visit with us on safari is helping support these projects. Learn more »


African Elephant

The foundation stone of the Guided Safaris® ethos and operation is the safeguarding of these incredibly remote and wildlife-rich regions. Change is an integral part of ecosystems, and man’s impact is just one of the factors. It’s impossible to imagine these wild lands without our Elephants; even something as simple as their movement plays a significant role in maintaining these areas as grasslands. Learn more »



Mountain gorillas are the best known of all the Great apes yet less than 900 individuals exist today, isolated in the last frontiers of the Virunga Massif and Bwindi Forest. Here, we safeguard Africa’s last remaining family groups overseen by massive Silverback males, roaming in thick bamboo forests. Learn more »

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For almost 30 years, the original Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges collection by Guided Safaris®  has been at the vanguard of private safari experiences through Africa’s most award-winning locations and authentic settings. Embark on an extraordinary private journey for a close to nature, insider’s perspective on the most crucial conservation models in the safari world. Bring your partner, family - or closest friends, and pick a time of year to go. We'll take care of the rest.
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